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"We are full of anticipation for Hainan's future"-Summary of inspections by members of the CPPCC National Minorities and Religious Circles on "Ethnic and Religious Work under the New Pattern of Comprehensive Opening Up"

2019-12-10Source : People's Political Consultative Conference
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"This inspection not only allowed us to understand Hainan's past and present, but also made us look forward to Hainan's future development ..." From November 20th to 25th, the CPPCC Nationalities and Religions Committee organized some ethnic minorities and religions. When members of the community went to Hainan to inspect the work of ethnic clans under the new pattern of openness, members sighed in unison.

On April 13, last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at a conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Special Economic Zone of Hainan Province. At the 2nd China International Import Expo, President Xi Jinping put forward the new requirement of “accelerating the construction of Hainan free trade port and creating a new highland for opening”, which reflects the party ’s central government ’s high hopes for Hainan ’s development and highlights the new era of China ’s expansion and opening up. determination.

Strong faith to create a beautiful and happy life under the leadership of the party

On November 20, as soon as the inspection team arrived in Hainan, the temporary party branch expansion meeting was held. Wang Weiguang, the chairman of the committee and the secretary of the branch group, served as the secretary of the temporary party branch. He emphasized that the inspection was a sector inspection activity organized by the CPPCC after the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the CPC and the CPPCC Working Conference. He hoped that by deepening the understanding of Hainan's modernization achievements and ethnic and religious work, members would be further enhanced. Recognize and appreciate the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, consolidate the common ideological and political basis for unity and struggle, and work together to do a good job of ethnic and religious work in a new and comprehensive opening-up pattern to better serve the overall situation of national development.

As soon as the expansion meeting of the inspection party ’s temporary party branch was over, the members came to the site of the Qiongya First Party of the Communist Party of China in Haikou City, revisited the red memory, and received patriotic education. In June 1926, 12 members of the Communist Party of China from the entire island risked their lives. In order to change the dark and backward appearance of Qiongya Earth, they did not fear sacrifice, strengthened their convictions, and persevered, and created "Island Fighting, Hardship and Excellence, Twenty-three Years. The miracle that the red flag will not fall will leave a precious spiritual wealth to future generations.

"Hainan is a red land." Shi Hong, a member of the Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Xiangxi, Hunan Province (Tujia) said that the visit and study caused a strong shock and baptism in his soul, and he deeply realized that it was precisely because of the Communist Party of China. Proper leadership, firm ideals and convictions, and the blood and commitment of countless ancestors have brought us a happy life today. "Only the Chinese Communist Party can realize the great unity of the Chinese nation! We must cherish our present life and unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics." Said Fang Xingyao, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

Exerting advantages to ensure sustainable development of various industries in Hainan Free Trade Zone

Thirty years ago, at the beginning of the establishment of Hainan Province, there were scarce supplies and inadequate facilities. Thirty years later, Hainan was building a new wind of full openness and was building China's largest free trade zone and free trade port, showing unprecedented development prospects.

During Qiong's inspection, members' most intuitive feeling was that Hainan's ecological environment is first-rate. Hainan is known as the "natural big greenhouse". The vast sea area and vast tropical rain forests contain extremely rich tourism resources. Building a national ecological civilization test area and a national tourism consumption center has unique advantages.

"From the Inner Mongolia grassland at 48 degrees north latitude to the warm Hainan at 18 degrees north latitude, it is not only a temperature leap, but also a time and space leap in the past and present." Commissioner Du Mingyan (Ewenki) from the Hulunbuir steppe said that she particularly loved Hainan Climate. "Many people in Inner Mongolia fly to Hainan in the winter. The picture shows that spring is always here and it is the most active place in China!".

Commissioner Yang Yan (De'ang) from Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan said: "This year, the State Council set up an area of nearly 120 square kilometers in the three cities of Yunnan as a free trade zone. I am more eager to learn from the experience of Hainan." Here, in addition to taking advantage of natural resources such as coconut wind and sea rhyme, blue sky and white sand, and tropical fruits, Hainan should also start with national culture, tap cultural resources, create cultural IP, enrich tourism products, and build a world-class marine tourism destination.

"Reducing the heavy dependence on real estate, and sticking to the" housing and living without speculation "positioning, may not look good in the economic indicators in the short term, but we must maintain our determination." Quan Zhezhen, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, suggested that Hainan's tourism industry should take the lead in accelerating development To upgrade and upgrade quality, cultivate new tourism formats and new features, and promote the integrated development of tourism, modern service industries, and high-tech industries. Speed up the construction of international tourism consumption centers, vigorously develop international medical tourism, increase the types of duty-free goods, and increase the amount of duty-free.

Member Liu Xiaomei (Mongolian) working in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that the country's positioning of Hainan is to build a "three districts and one center", and the center is to build an international tourism consumption center, which is highly positioned. She suggested that at the international level, create tourism products targeted at different countries and different consumer groups, and comprehensively meet consumer needs for "eating, living, travelling, traveling, shopping, and entertainment." At the same time, strengthen research on tourism resources and markets in neighboring countries, and improve the "cost-effectiveness" of tourism products.

Gathering Forces to Do Well the Work of Ethnic Clan in the New Pattern of Comprehensive Opening-up

At a symposium held on November 21, Chairman Mao Wanchun of the CPPCC of Hainan Province stated that Hainan's construction of a free trade pilot zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics is inseparable from the participation and support of people of all nationalities and the majority of believers, and do a good job of national religion. The work is very significant.

Hainan has 48 ethnic minorities such as Li, Miao and Hui. On the afternoon of November 22, members saw students from different nationalities wearing national costumes dancing hand in hand on the playground at the Hainan Lingshui School of the Middle School Affiliated to the Central University for Nationalities in Lingshui County. The school provides a successful example for achieving balanced, high-quality, and leapfrog development of basic education in ethnic regions. Chairman Ma Zongbao (Hui) of Ningxia Teachers College sighed sincerely: "The Chinese nation is a family member, and we will build the Chinese dream together!"

Guanglang Village, Timon Township, Lingshui Li Autonomous County is a village inhabited by Li people. In recent years, led by the party's policy of enriching the people, villagers have been living better and better through the development of the courtyard economy. At the villager Fu Fu's house, the members saw that the vegetables in the spacious courtyard were growing well. The bamboo shed was filled with passion fruit, mangoes, and longan trees. The fragrant aroma caused the members to take out their mobile phones and take photos.

Lingshui Modern Agriculture Demonstration Base has cultivated a large number of planting experts for local ethnic groups, and played an important role in fighting poverty. The members carefully understood the operation of the integrated agricultural industrial base such as "seed breeding, vegetable cultivation, tropical fruit cultivation, southern medicine resource development, fine processing, scientific research training, and tourism reception", and personally came to experience tropical tourism agriculture , Lian Hu "Agriculture could do this!"

Binting Valley, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County is the first batch of tourism standardization pilot units in the country. According to Wang Yong, vice chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Hainan Province, it has 10 national-level intangible cultural heritage and is a “living” museum of Hainan ’s national culture. Lin An (Li), member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and director of the Minzu Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference of Hainan Province, introduced to the members the local customs and customs of the Li and Miao ethnic groups and Hainan's adhering to the development philosophy of "a game of chess across the province and urbanization of the entire island." The district (port) construction planning was promoted as a whole to realize the situation of "common unity and struggle, common prosperity and development". Yang Tieng, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said that Betel Nut Valley has well inherited the traditional ethnic culture and reflected the characteristics of the local ethnic minority. Villagers can eat tourist meals at the doorstep of their homes, and fight for poverty alleviation and rural areas in ethnic areas. The revitalization explores successful experiences and is worth learning from.

Member Guo Huisheng (Hui), deputy chairman of the China Association for Poverty Alleviation and Development, laments that the former Cape of the World has now achieved a historic leap. He suggested that we continue to focus on the targeted poverty alleviation and improvement of people's livelihoods in ethnic areas, implement the various support policies that have been introduced, strengthen the vitality of rural areas in ethnic areas, and train practical skills for minority village cadres to train a batch of poverty alleviation. Get Rich Leader.

During the period of Qiong, the members also visited the religious activity sites in Ding'an Yuchan Palace, Sanya Nanshan Temple, and mosques, and held discussions and exchanges with various religious figures. They learned about the historical evolution and the current new situation and new issues. Communication, etc. Member Huang Zhi'an from Hengshan in Nanyue and member Yin Le from Baima Temple in Luoyang said that Hainan Province manages religious affairs according to law and conducts various religious activities in an orderly and legal manner. Some religious places have less commercial taste than in the past. People from the religious community have taken the initiative to integrate The current social development is contributing to Hainan's transformation and development.

During the six-day inspection, the committee members learned a lot. Yang Xiaobo, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee of the CPPCC and deputy secretary of the sub-party group, said that through this inspection, he had a clearer understanding of the new pattern of comprehensive opening up in Hainan, especially the implications of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "4 · 13" speech. I have a deeper understanding of big ideas and big strategies. How to really implement opening up to promote reform, development and innovation? How to do national and religious work well in the new pattern of comprehensive opening up? It is also necessary for us to further think about and study in the deepening of the reform and put forward countermeasures and suggestions in a timely manner.

Director Wang Weiguang said that under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the guidance of the Party Central Committee, the construction and development of Hainan Province has achieved staged results. He suggested that in the process of vigorously promoting the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone, we must grasp the four characteristics of "international, pioneering, high-end, and pre-structural", consolidate more wisdom and strength, and comprehensively promote Hainan's deepening reform and opening up.

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